Allow us to help you present your costs in a way that ensures maximum costs recovery and the best possible outcome for you and your client.

We have prepared an extensive number of Bills of Costs for all types of litigation and Court of Protection cases; we also regularly submit Bills of Costs for detailed and provisional assessment.

We offer a comprehensive range of detailed & provisional assessment services for the recovery of your costs. These include all of the following:

  • Drafting Bills of Costs and Statements of Costs.
  • Advise on suitable Part 36 and Calderbank offers.
  • Drafting both Points of Dispute and Replies.
  • Preparing the applications for both detailed and provisional assessment.
  • Calculating the result of the assessment and negotiating the outcome with the other side.

Providing bespoke advice and written submissions in respect of any possible appeals.

What documents are required for you to prepare my bill of costs?
In many cases, we require your complete files, the authority for your costs to be recovered or assessed (usually an order or copy of an agreement) and your detailed time ledger, as well as copies of any disbursement vouchers. A copy of the pleadings will also be required in appropriate cases. For Court of Protection matters, we will require your files for the period to be billed.
Who pays for the preparation of my bill of costs?
If your matter relates to inter-partes costs (costs paid by the losing party to the winning party), the costs of preparing your bill can often be passed to the paying party. This will apply to many cases involving Personal Injury costs, Clinical Negligence costs and Litigation costs.

In Court of Protection cases, our fees are included within the professional deputy’s bill of costs and are payable from the estate of the protected party.


It is all very impressive and I do, if I may, congratulate you on a super service.

Senior Solicitor, West Country Region