We are specialists in costs recovery and provide costs law services for both receiving and paying parties. Our team can help you with all your costs issues, whether contentious or non-contentious.

Our team consistently obtain outstanding results and are proficient in preparing formal documents and recovering fees.

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Costs Law Services

Do bSquared costs law specialise in any particular area of law?
We have a wealth of experience in dealing with the recovery of costs across the Civil Law landscape. Our team of costs draftsmen and costs lawyers each have their own specialised areas of knowledge, from the recovery of personal injury claims costs to clinical negligence costs, litigation costs to Court of Protection costs.
What is your average costs recovery?
This will vary from case to case and depends on many factors. It will depend upon the basis upon which costs are to be recovered (standard or indemnity basis), the behaviour of the parties throughout the proceedings and the value or importance of the case. However, our costs draftsmen and lawyers will always seek to recover the maximum sum on your behalf, when acting for the receiving party.
What is your billing structure?
This will vary from case to case. In many cases, we are able to apply an hourly rate, which will be agreed with you before we commence any work on your behalf. What we will ensure is that you are kept aware of our costs, where appropriate we will provide you with a detailed estimate of costs and we will ensure there are no surprises at the end of your case.

I know that I can trust bSquared to put my costs application together properly.

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