bSquared win 3rd place in the Temple Legal Charity Regatta!

What happened?

Eight of our bSquared costs law team spent a day on the open sea as they took part in the annual Temple Legal Charity Regatta.

The team sailed from Port Solent, Portsmouth to the waters just off the Isle of Wight where the race took place.

Valiantly, our brave sailors fought against heavy winds and blistering heat to secure a place on the podium, battling 8 other boats to the finishing line.

Regatta Pic

(Well, all this is what the team told us but in actual fact there was very little wind and a lot of rain…)

Thankfully, they had the expertise of an enthusiastic skipper who knew how to work the tide, take advantage of only a hint of wind and more importantly, nag the pants out of our Manager to keep her concentration at the helm!

We achieved a highly respectable 3rd place!

What did we win?

As 3rd place winners, we got to choose a charity of our choice receive 20% of the total charity pot, which was £2700.

We decided to donate this prize to Above and Beyond who work tirelessly all year round to support Bristol’s central hospitals. 

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